To apply for Medicaid benefits, you may call 1-844-640-6446 or apply on-line at

If you are applying for TANF (Cash) or SNAP (Food), we will call you the next business day.

 Please answer your phone.

Remove blocks on your phone that prevent you from receiving calls from unknown numbers. Add this number to your phone as a Contact: 1-844-640-6446 as most of our calls come from this number, now.

From March 2020 through June 2022, Ohio has had waivers from the United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Services to not issue Interim Reports to assistance groups. As of July 1, 2022, Ohio’s waivers will end, and Ohio will no longer request extensions.   

As a result, Interim Reports will be issued to assistance groups beginning in early July and county work will return to pre-pandemic responsibilities.  As previously, assistance groups will have to return the completed Interim Reports to the county agencies by the due date listed on the Interim Reports.

You can complete your Interim Report via the Self-Service Portal using these easy to follow instructions.


March 1, 2023




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Important Medicaid, SNAP/TANF and Child Care Release Information and Tools


Phishing Scam


For Your Awareness:

  • The Ohio Benefits Program team would like to share that the following message has been shared via social media and will be added to the SSP landing page, message center for SNAP recipients with linked SSP accounts, and the IVR.
  • There are reports of criminals using phony text messages to obtain EBT card numbers and PINs and steal SNAP benefits. These are known as phishing scams and are a type of fraud. Please do not provide your EBT card number or PIN by phone, email, or text. Do not click on links provided in emails or text messages. If you think you are the victim of a phishing scam, please contact your local SNAP office.



Tools and Resources:

Visit the Ohio Benefits Program Portal at:


Check out these resources:


Updated Help Desk Template


Job Aids




All Webinar Recordings: Q:\Public\Ohio Benefits Worker Portal\Webinars





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System Users

If you have questions, please first reach out to your Operational Contacts.


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Please contact the CSS/IVR Help Desk at (844) 909-0712 or to report possible issues.

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Please contact the EDMS Help Desk at (866) 442-6902 or to ask questions or report possible issues. Additional EDMS resources are available on the OBP Portal EDMS Page.

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Technical Issues

Please contact the Ohio Benefits Help Desk at (866) 846-4528 or to ask questions or report possible issues, using your Technical Template.


ConnectEBT Mobile App is Now Available

The ConnectEBT mobile app is now the official mobile app of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Ohio is rolling out the ConnectEBT mobile app for our SNAP benefit cards. The other EBT apps you may be using are not associated with Ohio’s contracted EBT vendor. You can now use the secure ConnectEBT app which is associated and connected directly with your official account. To download the app, see the image below. You can view your balance and purchase history, change your pin, activate your card, and report your card lost, stolen or damaged.



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