Things to Consider

Certified providers are limited to caring for 6 children at any time. No more than 3 of the 6 children may be under age 2. Your own children count toward the limit until they reach age 6. The limit includes children you enroll on a private pay basis in addition to those enrolled through the Clark County Department of Job and Family Services.

Pay Rate
You will be reimbursed monthly. Your rates will be based on full or part-time care and the age of the children.

As an in-home childcare provider, you will be considered self-employed. Clark County Department of Job and Family Services does not withhold taxes, social security, etc. All earnings for your childcare services are reported to the IRS. You must file taxes as a business.

Parental Choice
Parents select their child care provider from a list of certified and licensed providers through interviews with providers. We cannot guarantee that you will have children of CCDJFS customers to care for once you are certified.

Emergency Caregiver
According to state law, a childcare provider needs an approved backup provider in case of an emergency in the provider’s home.

Background Check
All adult residents of the childcare provider’s home must submit to fingerprinting for a criminal background check. Childcare providers residing in Ohio for less than 5 years must have an FBI check.

Please refer to the Statement of Nonconviction for a list of criminal convictions that disqualify candidates for certification. Candidates also will be disqualified if a child has been removed from their home pursuant to section 2151.353 of the Ohio Revised Code or for any substantiated cases of child abuse or neglect.

Education Requirements
Childcare providers are required to have a high school diploma or GED. Also, prior to certification candidates will be required to attend a 1-week childcare seminar, “Making Child Care a Business.”

Persons or organizations interested in becoming a certified childcare provider or contracting with CCDJFS to provide childcare services should contact our licensing specialist:
  • Donna Phipps - 937-327-1817