• Age: 15
  • Number of Siblings: 0
  • Potential Family Found: No
  • ID Number: N/A
  • Contact: Monique Timmons
  • Contact Phone: 937-327-1829
Allen is an intelligent 15 year old who is living in a residential treatment facility. He has experienced great loss in his life and is in need of a stable, loving home. It takes time for Allen to trust and build relationships with others. He is very close with his elderly grandparents who don’t have the ability to raise him. Allen’s forever family will need to make sure that he remains in contact with them.
Children of Clark County - Allen
Allen loves animals and would like to live in the country. He enjoys riding his bike, playing video games, cooking and math. Allen is currently on an Individualized Educational Plan for his cognitive delays and behavioral issues.

For more information, contact Monique Timmons at 937-327-1829.