• Age: 17
  • Number of Siblings: 0
  • Potential Family Found: No
  • ID Number: B201444
  • Contact: Kimberly S. Dysert
  • Contact Phone: 937-327-1823
Calvin is a tall, energetic 17 year old boy who loves to play basketball, sing and dance. His favorite singer/dancer was Michael Jackson (he even has some of his moves). He also enjoys attending church and singing in the choir with his beautiful voice.
Children of Clark County - Calvin
Calvin receives special education to help with his academics and emotional feelings. He did well this past school year - didn't display any negative behaviors and won an award for "Most Improved Student". His goal is to do well again this year so that he might be able to attend school in a regular classroom.

Calvin wishes for a family to call his own. He struggles with accepting responsibility at times but has done much better with the consistency and structure that he receives. He would do best with a 2-parent, active family with no children or older children who could help with his educational and emotional needs. Calvin has a sweet personality and would be a wonderful addition to a family that is able to meet his needs. For more information, please contact Kim Dysert at 937-327-1823.