• Age: 16
  • Number of Siblings: 1
  • Potential Family Found: No
  • ID Number: N/A
  • Contact: Monique Timmons
  • Contact Phone: 937-327-1829
Jaiylen is a handsome and talented 16 year old. He is in high school and enjoys being the center of attention. He loves to sing hymns and gospels. He listens to other types of music, but he really enjoys singing in church. He lets people know that his relationship with God is very important to him and it must also be important to his adoptive family.
Children of Clark County - Jaiylen
Jaiylen is good with computers. He has created Power Point programs with words, music and pictures. He took classes at the Art Center and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. He likes to mimic things and then add his own flair to it.

Jaiylen is capable of doing well in school, but struggles to complete homework assignments and projects. His ADHD behavior can make it difficult for him if he does not have a structured environment. He often tends to be the class clown and may be a great comedian someday.

Jaiylen would do well with a family that has 1 or 2 older children, a single dad or 2-parent home that has a mother who doesn’t get her feelings hurt easily. For more information, please contact Monique Timmons 937-327-1829.