Our mission is to provide comprehensive services for child and severe physical abuse victims and their families through a cooperative, multi-disciplinary team. Disciplines work together to conduct interviews and make team decisions about the investigation, treatment, management and prosecution of child abuse. 

Reduces Trauma
We centralize all the experts who must talk to the child. We bring child protective services, law enforcement, prosecution, and mental health services together in one 'child friendly" location. Children come to only one place to talk to those investigating their abuse. We provide service coordination for victims and their families. Mental health services are available on-site.  Specialized medical evaluations are coordinated via the CAC.  As a result, children are able to begin their healing process faster.

Ensures Justice
The unique centralization of the multidisciplinary agencies allows the team to share information, coordinate their services and streamline the investigative process. Children are interviewed by a forensic interviewer who has been specifically trained in this area. Investigations are streamlined, information is shared, and decisions are based on more expert information.