The CAC recognizes the importance of volunteers. CAC staff and volunteers will work together to match volunteers’ skills with appropriate assignments. If you would like to volunteer please fill out and mail in the Volunteer Form (PDF). There are a variety of duties which volunteers may be assigned, which include, but are not limited to the following:
  1. Administrative Support Assignments

    There are a variety of assignments which may be included such as: scanning documents, making copies, sending fax communications, phone calls, etc.

  2. Fundraising & Development Assignments

    See fundraising and development assignments for volunteers.

  3. Program & Service Delivery Assignments

    Children and families must be supervised by staff/volunteer/team members at all times.

  4. Special Event Assignments

    The Child Advocacy Center will utilize volunteers to assist with special events.

  5. Technology & Information Systems Assignments

    Find out how you can contribute in regards to technology and information systems.