Technology & Information Systems Assignments

Volunteers will utilize NCAtrak to enter information and generate reports.

Overall: NCAtrak is the database system used by the CAC to maintain and track information. Volunteers will assist in entering information into the system and generating reports.

Volunteers will utilize Excel spreadsheets to maintain training information.

Overall: Accreditation standards require that all Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Members of the CAC meet specific training requirements, attend case reviews, and peer reviews. Volunteers will be utilized to collect training certificates and maintain a training log for individual MDT members (ex: FCS, law enforcement, prosecutor, victim witness, medical and therapeutic team members).

Updating the Website
Volunteers will be utilized to update the CAC website.

Overall: Volunteers may be asked to gather information regarding specific topics / information for the website. Duties may also include: assistance in creating and dispersing the electronic newsletter, responding to emails / questions from the website, etc.