Mobile App Download Instructions

The Clark County Department of Job and Family Services app is now available for download on both the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

The app was developed to allow for easier access to news, events, facilities and notifications sign-up.

“It’s important for our customers to have access to information,” said Clark County DJFS Director Virginia Martycz. “The app makes it that much easier to learn more about our services.”

Follow the directions below to download the app from your smart phone or tablet.

Apple: To download the app on an Apple device, follow this link or search the name ‘CivicMobile’ in the Apple store. Once the CivicMobile app is downloaded, you may search for Clark County OH or use the ‘Find My Location’ feature to find our app. Once you’ve selected Clark County OH, it will open to our new app. Once you’ve opened the app once, it will display our app each time you open the CivicMobile app. (When searching for the app in the store, make sure to choose ‘CivicMobile’ and not the ‘CivicMobile Preview’ or ‘CivicMobile Demo’.)

Google Play: If you have an Android device, you may use this link to download the app or visit the Google Play store and search for Clark County OH.                                                       

For more information, call 937-521-2031.