What are the Steps of the Staffing?
- All information shared is confidential, within limitations of the abuse and neglect law
- Introductions
- Overview of the reason for referral; headed by the referral source, aka team leader
- Family’s reported needs and concerns
- Open question and answer format from the team working together with the family
- Review action plan/outcomes with the Family Stability Coordinator
- Written action plan/outcomes of the meeting while it is the Committee’s understanding that the team leader/referral source will continue to support the family in carrying out the plan.

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1. Who are the Family Stability Team members?
2. What is the purpose of the Family Stability Team Staffing?
3. Where is the Family Stability Team Staffing held?
4. When are the Family Stability Teams staffed?
5. What are the Steps of the Staffing?
6. What are some reasons to participate in a Family Stability Team Staffing?