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1. I didn’t ask for child support, so why do I have to have it established?
2. I am married, but my husband is not the father. What can I do?
3. Is there a charge for applying for CSEA services?
4. Does it cost to have genetic testing done?
5. What can be done when an individual signs an affidavit as being the father, but is not the father?
6. I am under 18 years old and have a baby. Can I apply for services?
7. All parties have had genetic testing. When will we know the results?
8. Can the CSEA help change the baby’s last name?
9. Who pays support when children are in foster care?
10. When a child is under the care of foster parents, does the child support go directly to the foster parents?
11. Are notary services available at the CSEA?