Fiscal Information

Fiscal Information for Clark County Department of Job & Family Services

Fiscal Reports Available for Review

Clark County Department of Job and Family Services (CCDJFS) receives federal, state and local funding. Strict expenditure and reporting requirements are followed to ensure the responsible use of public funds. The Board of Clark County Commissioners oversee CCDJFS funding received and expended during each fiscal year.
CCDJFS works closely with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services to account for program funding that is received through federal and state sources.

Fiscal Reports

For public review, included is a directory of fiscal reports for calendar year 2013 through the most recent completed year.

The reports represented on this website are a simple representation showing the prior year cash balance, revenue, expense, and the end of year cash balance.

Contact Information for Business Administration:
Shannon Jacobs, Business Administrator
Clark County Department of Job and Family Services
1345 Lagonda Avenue
P.O. Box 967-A
Springfield, OH 45501-1037
Phone: 937-327-1855
Fax: 937-521-3675