Eligibility & Application Process

Ohio county departments of job and family services determine eligibility for Medicaid programs with the exception of the BCCP program. Applications can be found at local county offices or online. Some programs require a face-to-face interview with a caseworker while other programs accept applications by mail or fax. The Medicaid Consumer Hotline is available to provide application assistance, answer general questions and can direct consumers to their local county office or a health care provider. The Consumer Hotline number is:
  • 800-324-8680
  • 800-292-3572 (TTY)

Eligibility at a Glance

Who's Covered
Income Guidelines
Former Foster Youth Age 18 to 21
No Income Guidelines. Restrictions Apply.
Children to Age 19 and Pregnant Women

200% Federal Poverty Level (FPL)

90% FPL
Disabled Persons

~ 64% FPL**

Workers with Disabilities

250% FPL*

Person 65 and Over

~ 64% FPL**

Medicare Beneficiaries in Need of Premium Assistance

200% FPL

* Exceptions and calculations will affect final amount counted toward eligibility. Actual determination of eligibility is done at a county department of Job and Family Services Office. Some eligibility categories consider resources other than income and health insurance.

** Deductions and exceptions apply; this is an approximate guide. Persons with income higher than 64% of the FPL may have medical expenses deducted from income calculations to "spend down" to this level.