Foster Care & Adoption

Providing Safe, Loving Homes for Children In Clark County
Family and Children Services is looking for special families to open their hearts and homes to provide temporary and permanent care.

When children are removed from their homes as the result of child abuse, neglect or other unsafe conditions, Clark County Family and Children Services calls on foster and adoptive families to provide the children with loving homes where they can feel safe, welcome and part of a devoted family.

Working to Resolve Issues

When abuse or neglect occurs, Family and Children Services works with the children’s birth families to resolve issues. During this time of counseling and guidance, one of Family and Children Services’ trusted foster families cares for children temporarily. On the other hand, when children must be removed permanently from their homes, adoptive families will provide a new, permanent, nurturing home. For more information, please call 937-327-1749.

Information Form

Still want more information? Please fill out the information form to receive an informational packet, along with an application, with additional details about adoption and foster care. If children cannot safely remain with their birth families during this time Clark County Family and Children Services places them with licensed foster families, and CCFCS staff works with the birth family to achieve reunification. When reunification is not possible CCFCS secures permanency for children by matching them with adoptive families.