Lump Sum Checks / Bonus Payments

For Employers
Pursuant to sections 3113.21 and 3111.23 of the Ohio Revised Code, for all active withholding orders in which an employee is entitled to a lump sum payment/bonus of $150 or more, you are required to notify the Clark County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) 45 days before the lump sum payment is to be made, or the day on which determination is made, if less than 45 days.

You shall hold the lump sum payment/bonus for 30 days after the date on which the lump sum payment/bonus would otherwise have been paid to the employee, and, upon order of the CSEA, pay any specified amount to this agency. If, upon receipt of notification that a lump sum payment/bonus is being awarded to the employee, this agency determines that the obligor is not in arrears of his or her support obligation, this office will forward written notification to you allowing the release of said lump sum payment/bonus to the employee.

When remitting the lump sum payment to CSPC, you must indicate it is a lump sum to ensure correct processing.