Obligor Responsibilities

Of the Obligor (Person Paying Support)

Requirements Essential to the Child Support Process

In addition to making timely child support payments, the obligor (person ordered to pay child support) must do the following:

  • Inform the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) of any changes in address, phone number, employment status, etc. for the obligor or obligee (person receiving support)
  • Pay child support through the CSEA-not directly to the obligee. Direct payments to the obligee are considered a gift and cannot be credited by the CSEA toward the obligor’s obligation.
  • Inform the CSEA of any of the following reasons why an order should terminate, including but not limited to: emancipation of the child, death of any party, permanent disability of the obligor, change of legal custody, or child receiving Social Security benefits or veteran's benefits due to the obligor’s disability.
  • Enroll the supported child in a health insurance plan if ordered by the court to provide medical coverage. Also, the obligor must provide insurance information to the CSEA.
  • Report to the CSEA any problems or issues that arise in the support case.